BAM: Process digitalization


“BAM Wegen” (Bam Roads), serves a lot of different customers, for example municipalities and large companies with their own industrial zones and infrastructure. To keep a uniform overview of all these contracts, make it easier to register all the different activities and reduce the amount of manual actions in the process, BAM asked for a digital solution.


Together with the customer (from managers to engineers) we got a clear view of the entire process. Using the Agile/SCRUM method we developed new parts of the solution in two-week sprints. The app was developed on site to be able ask our questions and validate new functionalities immediately. After a pilot with two contracts the last changes were made, and we were ready for the real go live.


The result was one application supporting the entire process – from offering to billing. The engineers at the working sites use iPads on which they automatically receive the planning and all information necessary to do their job. They can fill in digital forms, add photos of the work and send them back to the back office with a single click. Less manual actions and smaller chance of making errors.