Eneco: Reducing cost-to-serve


The rise of innovative cut-price providers has resulted in increased competition within the energy market. Energy providers, including Eneco, are forced to reduce their cost-to-serve. Insight into performance of customer processes plays an important role in this and forms the basis for process optimisation and cost reduction.


Staff productivity is a standard performance indicator for cost-to-serve. However, other influences include the level of manual intervention in customer processes and the required handling time, but a direct link is not often made to these. First Consulting clarified the relocation process for Eneco, which is the process in which customer relocations are processed. The moments and reasons for manual interventions (downtime) were also indicated clearly here. First Consulting then developed a work distribution and reporting system.


The automation realised a reduction in overheads and salary costs regarding work distribution and relocation process monitoring. The insights obtained from the reports form the basis for further cost-to-serve reductions via process optimisation.