Delta Lloyd: Process digitalization


Delta Lloyd aims to improve the efficiency of their processes and to digitalize their processes, in order to remain competitive in the current market.


Based on interviews, workshops with the business and a Process Mining analysis, various cost saving improvement initiatives have been defined. These initiatives have been translated into a business case and roadmap.
One of the improvement initiatives is to uniform and digitalize the customer processes. Using an Agile/Scrum approach, with intensive collaboration between business and IT, a new application has been developed. The application has standardized and automated the policy management processes which are executed by different departments. The application enables the employees to see and manage all customer requests from a single overview (including all information from the various underlying source systems). The application has automated manual work where possible. This resulted in a more efficient work method, resulting in better serves and with lower costs for Delta Lloyd’s customers
By creating new management information and setting up a operational control structure, the second project track aimed at increasing productivity numbers. Together with the team managers the teams control system (setting up a department ambition, translating ambition to KPI’s, calibration of meeting structures and setting up a continuous improvement process) has been determined. Furthermore the team managers have been trained in the continuous improvement mindset to be able to increase the operational performance of their teams.


The initial application version is set in production successfully with happy end users. After the initial release new functionalities will be added continuously. The project has resulted in increased productivity number, more efficient processes, shared improvement ambition and a continuous improvement mindset.