Enexis: Chain optimisation


Current chain reports from grid operator Enexis offered insufficient transparency and control for safeguarding completeness, timeliness and correctness of the meter-reading process chain. Various energy market changes resulted in higher downtime in the measurement data process chain, while a regular downtime processing process was lacking. The consequence was extra risk of claims from suppliers.


From day one the design of the structural solution was combined with removing the current backlog. The project clarified the working and performance of the entire chain, an insight that was lacking at the start of the project. All departments in the process chain were involved in the project – from operational to management – which guaranteed the embedding of processes and systems.


Within the process the extra risk of claims was reduced dramatically by checking more than three hundred thousand consumptions and adjusting these where necessary. First also realised chain control: transparency in timeliness, completeness and correctness of the measurement data chain. The chain control was embedded in the organisation, enabling the organisation to continue to identify and implement improvements itself.