Essent: Introduction of new market model


operators more smoothly, so that consumers could transfer easily between suppliers. The objective of the law is that suppliers are responsible for all customer-related activities and the grid operator is responsible for all physical activities relating to the connection. This meant a change in processes, systems, roles and responsibilities. New work processes were developed, departments designed differently and systems adapted or redeveloped. Against the background of this transition, First Consulting got to work for Essent.


First Consulting was involved from start to finish in three phases of this transition. During the preparation phase (1), details were ordered, operational stocks were removed, processes and systems adapted and tested, employees trained and an extensive road map was formulated to implement this large-scale change. Then during the transition period (2) to the new market model, the implementation of the entire road map was coordinated. Experience shows that in similar processes after going live an unstable period follows with additional downtime. In the post-care phase (3), First Consulting played an active role in working according to new processes and in issue management to resolve process problems as efficiently as possible.


Following an extensive preparation, test and implementation period in which all energy parties and many external experts were involved, the NMM went live on 1 August 2013 without any huge problems. As the entire market needed to switch to NMM simultaneously without this having impact on the consumer, the implementation was a large and complex operation.