Expereo: Agile IT Solution


Expereo’s growth ambitions required a more agile, simplified and automated IT solution, allowing real-time connectivity with its customers and suppliers. Besides, there was a growing need for a centralized reporting environment, to avoid scattered reports based on data exports from operational systems. The new reports were needed to provide more insights in trends and give employees freedom to drill down in structured layers of data.


A small multi-disciplinary team developed the complete solution; a state-of-the-art application landscape based on the Mendix App Platform. This landscape includes a supplier portal, API connectivity and automated service creation. The applications are complemented by a fully cloud-based reporting environment based on Amazon Redshift and Yellowfin. Using the agile scrum method, business and user requirements were continuously specified, built and validated in short iterative delivery sprints. The agile and model-driven development approach provided the flexibility to adapt to new insights and quickly add new features.


The delivered solution provides a simplified interface to the complex supply chain that Expereo operates in. Together with Expereo’s business and IT team, First Consulting developed a future-proof and scalable enterprise solution which allows Expereo to continuously adapt its services and continue to lead the market.