Gasunie: Performance management


Gasunie, the Dutch gas Transmission System Operator (TSO), integrated two operational business units in order to increase its performance. First Consulting was contacted to develop a number of new Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in a joint effort with the new business unit. Moreover, First Consulting was asked to translate these performance indicators into a simple, automated management dashboard and to identify current performance management issues.


Firstly, existing and desired performance indicators were identified by conducting interviews with management and employees of the new business unit. After selecting the most important indicators, new KPI’s were jointly developed in a number of workshops. Subsequently, a simple and automated management dashboard was developed within one month.

Secondly, Gasunie’s current performance management process, from collecting performance data to regularly discussing performance in meetings on all organizational levels, was thoroughly analyzed. Based on this analysis the most important performance management issues were identified and categorized in process-related, systems-related or organizational issues.


Due to close cooperation with management and employees, First Consulting has quickly developed an automated KPI management dashboard that was widely accepted within the new business unit. Besides, a number of quick wins and long-term recommendations were proposed in order to further improve Gasunie’s performance management.