Greenchoice: Aligning business and IT


Greenchoice wants to keep improving the speed and quality of their IT-development proces. In order to do so, Greenchoice has set 2 objectives:
• Implementing SCRUM in the organization. With this method the IT department will be able to fulfill business needs in a quick and structured way.
• Introducing a business consultancy team. The purpose of the team is to improve alignment between business and IT, leading to an increase in quality and speed of IT development.


First Consulting has delivered business consultants to strengthen the business consultancy team. Due to SCRUM experience in the energy sector, the business consultants are able to further improve the IT-development process together with Greenchoice.


By introducing the business consultancy team, the following results are envisioned:
• Improved cooperation and alignement between business and IT
• Improvement in speed and quality of IT-development
• More business and IT support for the SCRUM approach
• More time and focus for fundamental improvements in the IT landscape