Alliander: FastTrack Development


Within the Alliander IT department, the lead time for existing processes for delivery of applications was too long, which meant that timely anticipation of changing business needs was not possible. What’s more, IT was unable to offer technical support to the tooling developed in the business. The IT and Business departments were too separate for one another to develop mutually acceptable solutions.


Based on the SCRUM methodology a tailored process was designed that worked for the customer. This gave clarity regarding the process and delivery stages of projects implemented by the team. The team comprised IT consultants with knowledge of the business that could be linked directly to both business and IT. Using a single platform to develop applications and the correct level of documentation increased the controllability of the delivered applications.


In total 20 applications were developed and operated by the Fast Track team. The lead time for the delivery of applications was reduced drastically and non-manageable tooling was reduced. Also, the relationship between the business and IT departments was improved.