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Our clients cover all the key business fields – within the UK and The Netherlands, and internationally. Below you’ll find a selection of case studies where we have worked closely with our clients to deliver relevant and high impact results. If you are interested in finding out more about First Consulting’s activities and practices, we often publish articles on, a key source for business and consulting news.

Implementing performance-based actions

Since October 2017 we have been guiding and supporting Schiphol airport in the transition to performance-based contracts and ways of working. As part of this transition, new integrated maintenance and new-building contracts are being tendered and we have worked together with the organisation to change internal practices. Among other offerings, First Consulting supports software development, establishing and developing new organisation designs and processes, and the transition to and implementation of new ways of working.

Review of the Corporate Markets Finance Programme

KPN ZM has designed a programme with the goal of ‘improving financial information processes over various segments, products and propositions’. This is necessary to make rapid, informed decisions and to ensure the shareholders are held accountable. The programme is made up of four components: Data Foundation, Data Recording, Presentation of Information, and Analysis. KPN asked First Consulting to support the ZM Finance Change Programme and to execute a review and assessment of the programme. The focus here was on ‘are we doing the right things?’ (connecting to strategic goals) and ‘are we doing things right?’ (project structure, quality of execution and content). First Consulting has set in stone concrete measures for improvements, aimed at strengthening and speeding up the programme.

Optimising Master Data Management

For international brewing company Heineken, First Consulting delivered structural improvements to the business and built a Master Data Management capability for the future. Due to the specific context at Heineken, together we chose to realise a significant portion of the solution using a low-code platform delivered with an Agile approach. The application is designed to be ‘service oriented’ and to deliver the various application components in a manner which is easy to maintain and configure, wherever possible. The application is now used by more than 1,500 users across the globe for their Master Data Management processes.

Tailor-made Bus Deployment

Often the NS will resort to the use of buses for the transportation of travelers in the event of planned train disruption (e.g. planned track maintenance). First Consulting built and implemented a new system in which the use of buses is better aligned with the flow of passengers. This way, it’s easier for NS to provide sufficient buses at peak times and to avoid overcapacity issues during off-peak hours. This resulted in: 1) a higher level of customer satisfaction during planned disruptions; 2) cost savings by scheduling fewer buses in total; 3) faster turnaround times for the design and implementation of bus timetables.