Problem Analysis. Operational Strategy.

Together with our clients we optimise operational performance through changes in processes, technology and organisation. We always start with a thorough analysis. These smart, superior solutions are defined by a combination of careful consideration and a hands-on approach. Indeed, together with our clients we decide and work towards a desired strategic direction, but once this is done we move on in a determined manner to the company processes, organisational structure and IT. Alongside this we work seamlessly with both management and operations to make sure that the defined ambition is thoughtfully executed.

Our consultants understand that only a deep-rooted knowledge of process, together with effective leadership and a good understanding of the situation in the workplace, leads to clear and realistic solutions. We bring additional value by combining our deep business knowledge with technology expertise.

How we work


Getting to grips with business processes

Operational issues
We start with the process


At First Consulting we focus on gaining a detailed understanding of the specific business process. We’re not afraid to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients’ employees in order to get to grips with the work being done or to perform in-depth analysis of the process data, and our work is always made to measure for the specific client we are working with. We understand that all client situations are unique, which is why client context is the first consideration for our consultants when recommending solutions and enhancements.


We utilise innovative technologies to enhance delivery

Digital. Low-coding. Agile. BI. Data Analytics.

Smart IT plays an increasing role in improving business performance. At First we understand that thorough know-how and experience of IT is essential in process improvement.

This is why we implement technologies such as Mendix, Splunk, Power BI, UiPath and ProcessGold and work readily with Agile transformations to swiftly realise applications and solutions that contribute to the business goals.

We are committed to technology and IT consultants with great social and business skills besides their top-notch knowledge of IT. Because even as an IT consultant, proper communication with the business is crucial.


Evolve together.

Involvement. Understanding. Support.

When a technology or process solution has been decided on, the people on the human and organisational side are often neglected even though these aspects are actually of huge importance to embedding that solution. At First Consulting, we engage stakeholders early and give the right amount of attention to the right people at all levels and at each phase of the change. We ensure that we take the client’s existing change governance structures into account in our analysis, solution design, and implementation. This results in more and better insights into organisational issues, increased involvement, and greater buy-in across the business for specific changes. We are committed to delivery, and to visible, sustainable, and measurable results that leave our clients satisfied.

Visible. Sustainable. Measurable.