Tackling operational issues

From strategy to implementation, nothing fuels quality more than focus.
We focus on having a real impact on operational issues and on implementing and embedding solutions. This is how we guarantee that our work remains of the highest quality and that our clients are always satisfied.

First Consulting is a fast-growing consultancy with a passion for business processes. We guide and support clients in improving their operational performance. Our clients operate in a range of industries such as infrastructure, telecommunications, banking and insurance, retail and energy.

Although we work in a range of industries, our success stems from our sharp and dedicated consultants who tackle every problem with a unique and effective approach. Our people are highly skilled in the translation of strategy to realisation: creating innovative solutions with a set of pragmatic actions to roll out. Whether it be within process, technology or change, our team of dedicated consultants will always deliver excellent results.

Our core values


No-nonsense. Sharp. Daring.

Trust. Fun. Together.

Our DNA can be defined best by our six core values. This isn’t just the identity we strive towards, but who we truly are. We live and breathe the no-nonsense consulting that we carry out. Our sharp approach allows us to always ask the right questions. Daring: always asking the questions that no one dares to ask. The trust that we have between our clients and consultants. The fun that we have together when we share our triumphs and challenges.

When recruiting colleagues, our six core values are central to the personal development and feedback sessions. Everyone knows them like the back of their hand and we address these with one another when they are not fully achieved. First Consulting has a close-knit community culture built on trust and strong connections between employees who enjoy working together.

Next goal: 400 colleagues


Growing towards 400 colleagues

In the next few years, First Consulting aims to grow from 250 to 400 colleagues – large enough to make a name for ourselves and establish a capacity that is required for challenging end-to-end projects, whilst small enough to maintain our own unique company culture.

We have one condition, however, which is that our ambition for growth will never compromise the quality of our work. Therefore, we will only grow by recruiting exceptional people who fit in with our unique company culture. If that means slowing our rate of growth, that is a constraint we will happily embrace.

This has always been our growth strategy, and has allowed us to reach a company of 250 consultants that form a single close-knit community.

Reach your full potential

We are committed to your personal growth.
The most important criterion for growth is a company culture with personal development at its core. Achieve. Share. Enjoy!

First Consulting looks for consultants who are always hungry for more, who are energised by new challenges and who enjoy seeing themselves develop and grow. There will be plenty of opportunities, a variety of projects and an abundance of responsibilities – because being committed to your growth is more than a curriculum of professional development. It is about exceptional colleagues with extensive experience who lead by example and support you every step of the way.

At First we understand that real growth and learning happens on the job. Our consultancy model means a constant supply of varied projects, and your learning is further supported by a tailored programme of training sessions and your own development plan. A culture of honest feedback helps you and everyone else to further accelerate your own practice. Personal development at First is the complete package.