Operations Improvement

We help organisations in continuously improving operational performance by redesigning existing processes and executing the corresponding changes in close cooperation with the organisations’ staff. By doing so, we enable organisations to reduce their operational expenses, improve their customer experience, or comply with rules and regulations.

In order to maintain a strong focus on achieving these results together with your employees, we maintain our own structured and pragmatic improvement approach. Key aspects of this approach are:
• Factual insight in the actual process and corresponding improvement potential.
• Execution of a thorough root cause analysis.
• Implementation of Quick Wins for immediate elimination of waste.
• Realisation of achievable, structural and measurable improvements.
• Careful handover of project activities and enabling of continuous improvement.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience with respect to Lean Six Sigma, are able to translate data into valuable insights, and apply advanced tools such as Process Mining to attain quick realisation of improvements.